> Use cashing for investment in self

Use cashing for investment in self

To be a first-class architect/ Mr. Nakaumi / 32 years old in the case of

Recently I have also learned my job smoothly, so it is recommended by my boss to become a first grade architect
I am working while attending school.
Because I am married, it is a bit tough, but if I told you that my allowance is quite good
My wife has been tremendously cooperative.
Since I am waiting for homework to draw drawings as soon as I get home from work, I will try hard though I am honest.
After that, it's about money, but I just got married and I do not have any savings,
I borrowed money by cashing to accommodate tuition fees.
Even if we say debt, I do not mind at all because I can get back as soon as my salary rises.
Anyway I aim for passing.

For marriage/ Tsukishima-san / 42 years old in the case of

There are twice a monthly talks from parents to me who is 42 years old and does not even get married.
If you do not make it early, you will not be holding the eldest son's grandchild, will pass away, it is a reminder of the arrow that you can not take it anymore.
My salary does not rise, but the annual income of the Zut annual income is 5 million yen, and marriage is a burden to me without savings.
I have decided to return home because there is no excuse to refuse me.
I bought a souvenir of a big act to my parents, relatives, brothers,
I also bought piercing for the partner I saw in the photo.
I booked an airplane and confirmed the charge, I noticed that there was hardly any money in my account.
I remembered that the cashing function was attached to the card making the transfer account of salary,
I confirmed by the bank and cached 300,000 yen of the limit amount.

Basic cosmeticsFor/ Mr. Takeya / 43 years old in the case of

In the forties it will certainly cost money for basic cosmetics, skin care and hair care.
However, salary income does not increase significantly.
So I decided to use caching with a light feeling.
It was very convenient that the store was unmanned and the examination could be immediately withdrawn at the end as soon as possible.
Of course interest rates are taken, so borrow it to the necessary minimum
I am trying to repay it as soon as my salary comes in.
There is a limit to the amount borrowed at one store, but never from multiple stores
I try not to do caching.
It is because the debt rapidly expands and becomes self-made bankrupt.
It is important to use it only systematically.