> Emergency caching use

Emergency caching use

In case of short-term business trip / in the case of Mr. Tokiwa / 38 years old

The first reason I first used consumer finance cashing services,
It is a time when I was ordered to have a business trip at work in the absence of money just before the pay day.
I often go to work business trips,
In our workplace, the transportation fee / accommodation allowance is to be paid after the business trip on the next month,
Transportation expenses were to use the credit card as much as possible.
Nevertheless there are circumstances where cash is necessary for traveling by all means,
It is helped by consumer finance caching service with dedicated ATM anywhere in Japan.
Borrowing money is made to repay the next month when business trip allowance is transferred.
Even when entertainment expenses become necessary due to sudden entertainment,
Since it is necessary for the receipt to be submitted to the company as entertainment expenses be cash payment,
Cashing is also used in such cases.

Mr. Ueda / 33 years old because my husband is sick

Last month my husband broke my body and was forced to take a leave of absence.
I am telling you to recuperate anyway now, but payment of mortgage is only a little pinch.
I do not dare say it because I am in trouble starting to say that it is impossible to work after consulting this with my husband.
My husband seems to be careful not to spend as much money as possible.
From the doctor he says he will be fine if he rests for three months.
I decided to rely on caching because I only have to pay it during that time.
I am not working in such a bad direction because I am also working.
I hope the master will be better soon.

Treatment cost is almost selfish/ Mr. Shiraishi / 56 years old in the case of

I found a cancer on my husband 's body in the last month' s examination.
The result of the close examination is that there is no transition to other parts
Anyway, relieve me
Treatment is not surgery but radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It seems to use it.
However, as life insurance had not thought about cancer
The treatment cost was almost my own.
I managed to pay treatment costs by cashing,
I will not be able to pay for my child's tuition and fees now if my husband passes away.
I do not want to leave myself and children more than anything else.
I am bitter smiling that it was good just to have married couples live now.