Clothes cost etc / Mr. Horiuchi / 24 years old I am OL in the latter half of my 20s. Sometimes I work in a glittering city,

There are times when you spend too much money with shopping such as clothes.

In such a case, I will use cashing and add it to my living expenses.

You can borrow immediately ATMs at convenience stores, and you can get cash immediately on the spot.
It is also very helpful to repay the salary day as quickly in the same way.
Also, even if you can not return immediately, the monthly repayment amount is not so much, so the burden is also small.
I am planning to actively use it when I need it from now on.
Dance costume fee / Mr. Nuniki / 38 years old
My husband works both with my husband, but my educational expenses for children are inconsequential.
For the dance that says kids love and have fun, costume fee will be charged for costume cost.
It also costs shoes and makeup.
However, looking at how fulfilling it is, I would like to support you satisfactorily.
I am also a full-time employee and my annual income is less than 5 million, but there are so many,

Even so, I used caching because I am not at all concerned.

There was no problem with the examination, so I was able to get the desired amount quickly.
There is nothing to be known to the company, and the living expenses of the family are not affected and it is saved.
Since children seem to be fulfilling, I think that I did not mistake caching at that time.
For a companion where doctors gather / Takagi-san / 28 years old
Next week I plan to compare. The rumor is that the men are doctors,
It seems to be elite that gathered quite a high income earner as the president of the company.
Of course not only the female team but also the people who are honoring themselves with esthetics and so on, the average level should be high.
Even though I am including this compiler, everyone is pretty enthusiastic.
Beauty salons and hairdressers, clothes and shoes also have freshly tasted items.

This month I invested in myself and living expenses, so I ran out of money a lot, so cashing

We raised about 200,000 yen. It is cheap if you think that this is upfront, right?
I believe that I can meet good people tomorrow.
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