> Cashing experience of living expenses

Cashing experience of living expenses

For association / Mr.O.S / 31 years old

He is a person working in a Tokyo trading company. Compared with same-sex of the same age,
I am planning to earn it accordingly.
However, there are also a lot of relationships etc for that extent, and expenses will be sluggish.
In the meantime, money finally bottomed out, it was my first time, but I used cashing.
Although it was the use of tens of thousands of yen, it was extremely helpful to be able to borrow very easily.
Although it is repaying now, since we will soon receive a bonus, we are planning to pay off all of it based on it.
Because there is little principal interest on interest, there is nothing serious and if there is such a thing in the future
I thought it would be nice to use again.

For living expenses / Mr. Kojima / 31 years old

My family is working together, but because they are not getting too much paid to each other,
Living expenses will be insufficient if there are large expenses such as broken furniture.
In such a case I am using cashing as a funding source for the outsider,
It is very convenient. First of all, at the time of borrowing, you can get cash immediately on the spot with ATM etc.
Also, since monthly repayment is kept low, burden is also less.
Because I can save it for repayment at once when I saved a little this month,
It is very handy. We will continue to use it, so thank you.

Making a refuge just after Tokyo / Mr. Mogi / 24 years old

It is OL of first year entering company I have been coming to Tokyo from Tohoku for work.
Because it is the first time for me to live alone, I often miss my parents' home,
I often went back to my parents house. As a result, the cost of Shinkansen bullet train, etc. got inundated,
I have run out of food expenses this month. Even if you cut it down, your life became difficult,
I decided to use caching.
I knew that the credit card had a caching function from a while ago,
I have never used it. In conclusion, it can be used very easily,
Extremely satisfied.
I did not expect to be able to easily obtain cash so far.
It was thankful miscalculation.

Living expenses during job hunting / Ms. Arita / 24 years old

Several months ago, I used cashing when I was changing jobs.
Although there was an unemployed period for several months, savings also bottomed out,
Transportation expenses for career change activities were also incomplete.
I was able to use caching at such time, and it was very helpful.
Because I was not able to do part-time jobs while I was changing jobs quite a lot of time,
I used it to earn enough money to live a few months rather than on-going money.
As a result, jobs with good salary were found safely than previous work,
I am planning to do my best and repay it.
If there is enough room to turn into savings, I am thinking forward early repayment.

Normally as a living expenses / Mr. Oki / 35 years old

Since I used cashing this time ago,
I will tell you the story at that time.
I am a male 30 's working as a temporary employee in the metropolitan area.
Therefore, the annual income is quite small, and it is hard to live a monthly life even though it is a family home.
In the meantime, since the money has run out short of finally,
I decided to use caching. The borrowed amount is insignificant,
For me it is an important living expenses.
I could borrow it easily enough to think that I could easily borrow it.
I would like to pay back firmly so that I can use it again.

For drinking party/ Ms. Kinoshita / 23 years old in the case of

The other day, I used cashing of consumer finance for the first time.
We had a drinking party with friends every week, so I ran out of money.
Looking at the Internet site of consumer finance variously,
I chose a place that suits me and made a new application.
I could easily apply from my home computer,
The result of the examination was sent by e-mail so we were able to use it with confidence.
Because borrowing was made from ATM of convenience store in front of home,
Cashing was able to be done without worrying about time.
It is very convenient because you can repay monthly from that convenience store.
From now on I would like to use it in case of emergency.

Receiving the tilt of the recession/ Shimizu / 36 years old in the case of

I recently took advantage of the depression of the recession, salary has decreased.
In response to that, my pocket money is gradually decreasing.
Originally there were not so many, but life will become more and more strict.
Finally, money has bottomed out, but I could not give my wife an additional request,
I am in serious trouble.
So I decided to use cashing.
The way to do it is simply to go to the ATM of a convenience store you normally use, insert the card, and operate.
I thought that it was scary at the beginning that cash would be available only by this,
I also understood that it would be okay to pay back firmly, so I will continue to use it.

Food expenses before payday etc.Ms. Shibuya/ 45 years old in the case of

I am in my forties but my annual income is 2 million yen, shyly low income.
Life is not easy, but since I am not married, I will eat by myself
It is not painful so much. However, often going out for a drink,
Food expenses also became inconvenient before pay day.
So I thought about using caching,
I was worried whether I could lend to such low-income me.
And when I tried applying the examination on the net by no good, it passed very easily.
Perhaps it was fortunate that the amount borrowed was about 100,000 yen.
I would like to use it so as not to use too much from now on.

Because living expenses are absolutely missing/ Mrs. House / 42 years old in the case of

Last month, because living expenses were absolutely missing,
We used consumer finance cashing.
Until it was used, I was very worried about whether I could borrow it,
When calling to the place where consultation window was established, kindly got me consultation carefully.
New borrowing was able to process from the internet site.
Therefore, it was very convenient because we did not have to go to the store.
Issuance of cashing cards is also smooth,
After issuance, I was able to borrow from partnering ATM in convenience stores,
I was able to use it when suddenly needed money on the go.