> Cashing of ceremonial occasions

Cashing of ceremonial occasions

For the funeral of business partner / Mr. Oshima / 40 years old in the case of

The other day, there was a funeral of the business partner of the work, when preparing the gift,
I lost my living expenses.
Because it was a sudden expenditure and money was necessary, I tried using cashing of consumer finance.
Since I have never used it before, I called a consumer finance with a free consultation window,
I was able to have detailed explanation on repayment method from borrowing method.
Even without going directly to the store, using the Internet site,
Because I learned that I can make a new application,
I was able to cash by applying immediately.
I would like to use it when I am short of money.

I did cashing for the alumni association/ Mr. Hashiguchi / 32 years old in the case of

A contact told that the alumni association of the student days will be opened is because,
It was a week before the payday. The alumni association seems to be done the day before the payday.
Some friends who have not been over 10 years since graduating from junior high school
I wanted to participate by all means, but I do not have any clothes to wear.
Where I was at a loss when I could not afford to lose my parents this year
The thing about cashing loans came to my mind. I was pretty annoyed as to whether to use it,
I decided to use cashing from a trader who has a non-interest period for one month.
I came home from work and applied from the official website of the Internet,
The next day I was able to receive a loan of 300,000 yen.
I used 30,000 yen to buy clothes to wear, so I repaid it soon so no interest is attached.
Since we have not canceled it, I will use it again when in trouble.

The first child is bornBefore/ Tatebayashi / 32 years old in the case of

Finally the long - awaited first child was born. It is a girl.
I have been married for more than 5 years, so I can not do middle treatment so I have to treat infertility
It is very happy because it is a child awarded on various difficulties.
My wife is also relieved with feeling freed from something delicious.
However, even infertility treatment used considerable money and labor,
Even in childbirth, money goes away quickly with numerous entries.
Indeed because my savings also bottomed out,
Cashing has procured money when leaving the hospital.
But I thought it would be nice to have given children I wanted absolutely
I am talking with a couple laughing together.

At the funeral of/ Mr. Murakami / 33 years old in the case of

My father died last month.
I left the procedure of inheritance by funeral with my mother and I left behind,
Because most of the property was the father's name, I was at a loss for paying for the funeral.
There are savings in the bank, but it was frozen because it is the father's name.
Since my inheritance from my husband to my wife was inherited, inheritance tax was not applied,
Until the procedure was over, I was struggled very hard in terms of money.
After all, I borrowed money by cashing and repaid after the inheritance procedure was over,
Even with the law, it is good to have such a case as well as such a case
My mother and daughter spilled a bit of complaints.