> The examination of caching changes by people

The examination of caching changes by people

There are a couple of items that are important in cashing review.

First of all, it is what kind of occupation is attached.
Depending on the type of job, there are a lot of incomes and less,
The stability of the occupation itself is decided.
In particular, the latter tends to be emphasized.
Then, the most advantageous occupation will be a civil servant.
There is no worry that you will be dismissed unless you have a good deal,
The income is also stable. Next, it is a businessman who is stabilizing.
Although it is a private company, it is minus more than a civil servant,
We will not be dismissed unless there is a good deal here either.
Revenue is rather higher than civil servants. Advantageously,
It will be a self-employed person or an officer of the company.
Because self-employed do not know when they will collapse,
It does not work very advantageously. What is unexpected is the officer of the company.
In the case of an officer of a company, employment form is slightly different from salaried workers.
It is disadvantageous because the risk of dismissal is much higher than salaried workers.

I will inform you specifically.

To be judged upon cashing application,
It means "Is there a fixed income?"
In the unemployed or near state, the person who lends also has no mediation for repayment,
I will take a second step to lend money.
Even if that amount is not so much, "4th week, I'm bite at a pub"such as,
To someone who has a rough estimate of repayment, It will lend you money
And we will offer you the amount of repayment commensurate with that income. To borrow money,
It is necessary to prepare to return. I would like to try my life so that you can make repayable repayment.

Possibility of repayment is questioned at the review of cashingis.
If employment and income are stable, it is probable that repayment possibility is high.
It can be said that emphasis is placed on stability over anything.
For example, it would be better to have addresses at the same place if possible.
Also, it would be better for the company to work for the same period at the same place for a certain period of time.
It is better to live in the same address for a certain period of time and work for the same company all the time,
There is a tendency that it is easy to pass through for judging.

As one of the important points in reviewing cashing,
There is something about borrowing from other companies.
That is why it comes up with the recent total amount regulation.
Total volume regulation is that you can borrow money up to one third of your annual income.
Of course you can not go beyond a third of annual income at a company.
Besides that, we should not exceed 1/3 of the annual income, including borrowing from other companies.