Outdoors in black stockings and high heels

Tuesday 19th of October 2010

Yuka Kosaka is one of my favorite JP idols and she looks absolutely stunning out doors on a sunny but cool day posing in black lingerie for the lucky camera dude! This perfect asian girl is real wife material and when I look at her pictures I think that maybe I can survive with just one woman my whole life after all!

Window posing with Yuka Kosaka

Thursday 07th of October 2010

The girl from your dreams becomes a reality as she sits on your window ledge looking so perfect and petite! This slim asian girl has nice firm boobs too making her quite the package! I hope you enjoy these very sensual Yuka Kosaka pictures that the Internet has freshly delivered for you today!

Maid uniform pictures

Monday 27th of September 2010

Yuka Kosaka dresses up as a maid in these playful pictures. her tiny body looks great in her underwear and that little maid hat thing but I am not sure what it is called... Enjoy todays update!

On the streets of Japan

Saturday 25th of September 2010

Yuka Kosaka wanders outside in only a sheer dress and kitten high heels and she goes and grabs some kinda of Japanese snack. I guess when you are as pretty as Yuka you can just go around picking things up and eating them with no consequence!

Minty lips and spread out toes

Tuesday 21st of September 2010

Her clean feet are poking at the camera while her cute lips are sucking against a mint in these interesting pictures taken in a tropical setting! Yuka Kosaka gets to go to some pretty nice places but she is a pretty nice girl also ;)

Yuka Kosaka getting married omg

Saturday 18th of September 2010

Say it isn't so! Im so jealous already :( But I have two options either see these as simple cosplay pictures or imagine that she is reaching out her hand to pull me into a world where we are getting married! :D Yuka Kosaka I love you and I will be good to you for the rest of out lives together :)

Perfect petite Yuka Kosaka perfection

Wednesday 15th of September 2010

This stunning idol has the three P's - and these lovely pictures really illustrate her ten out of ten body! Even her bikini is high class as she smiles adorably at the camera in some hotel room. (but not my hotel room unfortunately) I want a girl like this!

Devastating street shots of Yuka Kosaka

Wednesday 15th of September 2010

Yuka Kosaka looks absolutely mind-blowing in these pictures of her walking down some street presumably in Japan judging from the big SEGA sign in the background. High heels and a bikini truly are the ultimate combination for any cute Japanese girl.